About Donate As You Spend (DAYS)  

Launched in September 2000, Donate As You Spend (DAYS) was established to provide products and services that would generate a FREE donation to the customers chosen charity.

The aim was to provide a high level of customer service, prompt deliveries and choice, not only in the range of products offered but in the ability to choose any UK registered charity for the FREE donation.

Much has been achieved of the original objectives:


"To provide a service to allow customers the freedom to donate money to their chosen charity through everyday spending, without cost to themselves"


"To enable charities, irrespective of size, to benefit from all available Fundraising opportunities"


Much more can be achieved, and we at DAYS are constantly searching for ideas that can assist towards these aims and objectives.

Whether you are a business, member of the public or charity, we would welcome your feedback.




The Beacon Awards Highly Commended - Third Sector Exellence Awards - UK Charity Awards - charitytimes awards, East Sussex Business Awards